Saturday, September 14, 2013

Russian scientists create compound to fight autism and schizophrenia in newborns

Back in 2011, a young Russian named Malyshev, a graduate of Moscow State University, came up with the idea of artificially producing peptides, a compound of amino acids, of breast milk that would help the nervous system in young children develop normally. These peptides would, if successful, eliminate autism and schizophrenia in newborns.

The peptides are planned to be added into the ingredients of breast milk formulas in companies that are willing to partake in the study. The product, Lactocore, has so far partnered with a major dairy producer in Russia and is planning to launch its product by the end of 2013. A second partnership in Belarus is being formed.

Since the startup, it has raised about $70,000 in grant money to cover current research and wages. To start up an international expansion though, the group is looking for international partners along with $1.6 million for final testing, patenting, and marketing.

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