Sunday, September 15, 2013

Massive aquifers found under drought-stricken northern Kenya

On Wednesday, September 11th 2013, UNESCO drilling and the Kenyan government found two large aquifers of underground water, estimated at 200 billion cubic meters. This discovery was found using advanced satellite exploration technology.

This water is hoped to help the drought-stricken north region of Kenya, where just two years ago a drought pushed the malnutrition rate up to a staggering 37 percent. 17 million of Kenya’s 41 million population lack access to safe drinking water and 28 million lack proper sanitation.

UNESCO says that further studying is needed to learn of exactly how large the two aquifers are, and the United Nations are concerned about the quality of the water. Also, the UN is ‘seeking to confirm the presence of a further three aquifers in the region.’

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